My food photos

This is the richest, most delicious cheese cake.

This is the richest, most delicious cheese cake.

Lovely Chocolate Easter Cake - didn't last long!

Lovely Chocolate Easter Cake – didn’t last long!


Trying out cooking whilst on a break between contracts. This was great.

Trying out cooking whilst on a break between contracts. This was great.

Nothing better than a splash of pumpkin soup to brighten your evening

Yummy home made pumpkin soup

Nothing better than fried eggs on a cold morning

Nothing better than fried eggs on a cold morning

7th Feb 2015 – Portrait photography practices

My ever willing 5 year old – lets me practice all my portrait photography on her. Any time she sees the camera she jumps in front of it.

I edited this one in Lightroom. The original was quite dark (taken inside without a flash and no direct light source).  So I lightened it up and enhanced her eyes. Made the world of difference to the picture. LOVE TECHNOLOGY.


21st Jan 2015 – Nature

Snapped this photo on a rainy day, looking for something to photograph for my 365 day challenge. I didn’t even look through the viewfinder, because I didn’t want to get wet kneeling on the ground. Turned out quite well I thought.




Again, wandering around on the wet day, found this paperbark tree. Turned out pretty well.





This was a bug that just appeared on my bathroom mirror.



Hole in the hardwood fence.


12th Jan 2015

Rainy day, working on my paperwork. Ducked out the front to see what I could photograph. Found this gravillea flower almost ready to flower. Love the detail of the hairs on the flower.



Mum asked me to whip up some of my tasty treats (chocolate and marshmallows) which are generally loved by kids and adults alike. They are very very simple and quite addictive.


10th Jan 2015


My 6 month old dog. Increased the contrast on this photo in Lightroom to enhance her spots and wrinkles :-)

She is a Australian x American Bulldog. Beautiful girl.



Grub I found in the garden when moving my citrus trees. Fantastic colouring.



Spider web right next to the grub (stopped me from leaning in to take the photo of the grub, had to take it via the LCD screen instead)


1st Jan 2015

My gorgeous son being a model for me. Yes that is his foot on the right.



My gorgeous daughter who is a very patient and willing model often



Inside Orchards. Adjusted this picture in Lightroom as there was a yellowish hue to the picture. Amazing what you can do with technology :-)



I think this is one of my favourite pictures. Love the colours, background and the flower itself.




Another orchard. This one I removed all colour except for the pinks/purples.




This is the pink orchard above.



Pelican. Removed most of the colours in Lightroom except the oranges.